Helmed by Chef-Owner Peter Smit, Dirty Supper champions the art of whole animal cooking and combines his love for grilling with his signature style of ingredient pairing to produce unexpected yet stunning and flavourful dishes. Chef Peter has developed his own culinary style by working through kitchens in Australia, London, and Singapore.


The intimate space exudes a unique vintage charm combined with underground, grungy vibes. Designed to retain as much of the coffee shop as possible while seamlessly marrying the old and new, vintage pieces are juxtaposed against modern industrial elements. In contrast to the modified marble tables and the recently converted vintage timber table (from a pre-existing door), the sleek bar counter and furniture feature stainless steel accents for a futuristic touch, highlighting the duality of the space.

The compact, open-plan kitchen houses a full-fledged grill, and customers will have a good view of all the action from the kitchen counter seats.


With “pride in produce” at its core, Dirty Supper’s menu is lean and ever-changing. We offer an array of à la carte options that range from small to large plates. As with whole animal cooking, the menu will largely depend on the produce available for the day.